LivePoint® SDW®

At A-1 Packaging Solutions, we specialize in creating high-quality solutions that help companies reduce costs by automating many of the manual tasks that employees are required to perform today thereby, optimizing production, warehousing and shipping. Our LivePoint® SDW (System Directed Workforce) directs employees work without direct management oversight. It’s an affordable, efficient system that uses LivePoint® RFID Tracking and LivePoint® Smart Technology to eliminate errors by automatically recording the location of each pallet of raw materials, work in process, finished goods, and shipping. It provides companies with 100% visibility into what is occurring in their facility while accurately recording the location and transaction history of each move. This data is then transmitted to the company’s ERP or WMS system for real-time visibility.

Understanding Our LivePoint® SDW (System Directed Workforce)

Our easy-to-use SDW Software tracks every RFID enabled product in a facility and accurately reports the locations to the system of record (ERP, WMS). When a forklift driver picks up a pallet, LivePoint® quickly ascertains if that is the correct product for the intended use (whether shipping, manufacturing, work in process, etc) and when a forklift driver drops a pallet, LivePoint® accurately records where it was left. LivePoint® records what pallet was moved, who moved it, the date, the time and where it moved to for 100% visibility into your operations. This allows for real-time tracking and accuracy to facilitate better decision-making processes.

How Does It Work?

LivePoint® SDW is a forklift-based RFID system that is designed to give companies absolute accuracy throughout their facilities and supply chain…whether in manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, etc., the LivePoint® SDW integrates with any existing ERP or WMS systems, or can function as a WMS “lite” solution. The uniqueness of the system is three-fold:

1. LivePoint® Floor Tags

LivePoint® Floor Tags – Traditional floor tags are ~ ½” thick and need to be buried in the concrete, which is very costly and time consuming. Our new LivePoint® floor tags are thin like Band-Aids and just “peel and stick” to any concrete surface. This allows companies absolute clarity as to what is happening in their facilities and where everything is at real-time.

2. LivePoint® SDW Software

The System Directed Workforce software itself is a unique asset. LivePoint® SDW Software – Or System Directed Workforce, was designed to tell employees what to do, acknowledge when they do something correctly and prompt them, through a series of audio & visual alarms when they make an error, to correct it. This directly links to employee performance.

3. LivePoint® Dock Door Systems

Traditional dock door systems are very expensive ($5-10k+ per dock door) and only give visibility to what is going through the dock doors. LivePoint® is forklift-based so it can track where everything is at in the facility, where it is moving too, when it leaves the facility, and can direct the employees to use FIFO (first in first out inventory)…and our same LivePoint® floor tags can be used at dock doors for ~ $250 per door versus $5-10k for traditional dock door portals.



Benefits of LivePoint® SDW

Some of the benefits of installing LivePoint® SDW include:

  • Reduced costs & increased profitability
  • Eliminate costly errors
  • Absolute accuracy
  • Employee accountability
  • Improved productivity – eliminate time spent searching for goods or containers
  • Decision making – access to real-time data for improved decision-making for Management
  • Reduce training time for forklift drivers – Ease of user interface
  • Improved safety

An infographic that explains the basics of the LivePoint SDW system.

LivePoint® SDW From A-1 Packaging Solutions

Our LivePoint® SDW RFID solution reduces costly errors and improves employee productivity by creating a real-time database of product locations and directing forklift and employee workflows. Contact our team at A-1 Packaging Solutions to learn more about our system’s capabilities and how we can integrate it into your facility.