What Are the Benefits of LivePoint® RFID Tracking?

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a highly versatile technology used throughout many business applications, such as controlling manufacturing processes, managing assets, tracking goods through distribution channels, and maintenance and inspection of equipment.

RFID systems allow businesses to quickly improve process efficiency and reduce costs by automating processes and enhancing utilization of quality and assets. As a foundation for an effective asset management system, LivePoint® RFID offers a host of advantages for businesses of all sizes.

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Eliminating Human Error

Manual labor has an associated risk for human error. With LivePoint® RFID, the data is automatically read without human intervention. RFID not only reduces labor costs by eliminating manual logging and product replenishment, but it also leads to increased accuracy.

Reduced Capital Costs

One of the major business expenses is often caused by not keeping a close watch on your stock or assets. By implementing LivePoint® RFID technology, your business can maintain control over expensive assets such as computer technology, test equipment, transport packaging, field vehicles, and more. This helps reduce capital costs by providing a way to track these assets and avoid costly replacements.

Real-Time Data Tracking

RFID offers reliable tracking even in the toughest environments. It provides real-time data collections about your inventory or product location, whether you are tracking batches, individual products, or large asset inventory. LivePoint® RFID is a reliable solution over traditional barcode labels and traditional RFID tracking with its ability to withstand sudden temperature changes, high humidity levels, sunlight or chemical exposure, and rough handling.

Offers Insights for Better Decision Making

When planning and making operational management decisions, it is important to stay informed with the latest data and information. The real-time data provided by LivePoint® RFID systems allows for quick analysis that often leads to better decisions to improve your profits.

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Improve Employee Productivity

LivePoint® RFID technology eliminates the need for employees to be in the line of sight of an item or asset to locate it. This eliminates time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks such as searching for misplaced tools or equipment, scanning individual barcodes, and counting inventory amounts. By doing so, LivePoint® RFID enhances a facility’s productivity by allowing employees to increase task speed and project turnover, which leads to reduced labor and carrying costs.

RFID eliminates manual procedures, promotes a more organized facility, and offers increased asset and inventory visibility. This reduces the risk of oversight and human error, each of which greatly impacts productivity.

A-1 Packaging Solutions for RFID Asset Tracking

The right tracking system is essential to help increase profits, reduce costs, eliminate human error, and promote productivity. LivePoint® RFID uses advanced tracking technology to provide real-time data about inventory and asset locations to prevent costly replacements while increasing the overall efficiency of your facility. At A-1 Packaging Solutions, we offer the most advanced RFID technology available to address the common challenges businesses face. Our LivePoint® RFID technology helps with asset and inventory tracking for enhanced visibility and increased profitability.

For more information about our RFID systems, or to get started on your asset tracking solution, contact us today.

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